What Others Are Saying About Us!

To Whom It May Concern:

As a Baptist Minister, my wife and I have had occasion to hear several singing groups over the years. Some of these groups include The Chuck Wagon Gang, The Magnolia State Quartet, The English Version and several other groups too numerous to mention here. We have had the privilege of listening to The Messengers from Center, Texas. here at Pine Grove Baptist Church for the past 2 years at our annual Homecoming.
I believe that for sheer enjoyment and the singing of acceptable christian music, this group has to rank along with the best. They sing from the heart, the music is ideal (not loud enough to blow you off your pew). They are a fine group that I believe anyone who invited them to come sing would receive a blessing indeed.
Yours in Christ Our Lord,
Richard Plunkett, Pastor
Pine Grove Baptist Church
Logansport, Louisiana

I would like to highly recommend the singing trio, "The Messengers" to anyone who might be interested in inviting them to your church or other events.
I have had them in my church and they are first, a very spiritual group- their singing is excellent--far above the average- and if you love gospel music you will certainly be richly rewarded when you hear them sing.
Yours in Christ,
Theo B. Johnson, Pastor
Pisgah Baptist Church
Palestine, Texas

I have known each one of these people in the Messenger trio for several years. In fact, have done their medical practice. They are totally dedicated Christian Artists who sing for the Glory of God. They make unique harmony as they sing both new and old songs. In fact, Eldora has written some of the songs they feature as they sing.
I have had them to sing in my opening assembly in my Sunday School Class on TV on Channel 2 at the First Baptist Church and I had them for the Christmas Program at the Rotary Club on Tuesday before Christmas. I can heartily recommend them for any sort of function that might require good gospel music from good Christian people.
Joe B. Hooker, M.D.
Center, Texas

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little about the gospel singing group "The Messengers". They have been here at First Assembly of God in Timpson, Tx. on several occasions, and have blessed us with their original gospel music.
This group is known for its original music and group members write many of the songs they sing. They have been a blessing to our congregration on several occasions. I highly recommend this group and encourage you to book them to come to your church.
Rev. John B, Richerson Jr.
Pastor, First Assembly of God
Timpson, Texas

As the pastor of McClelland Community Church, I would like to say to everyone that I feel the Messengers are Southern Gospel music at it's best. They are sincere and dedicated in their means of witnessing to others. It is their intent to honor God with their voices. They sing to the glory of God.
Eldora is blessed with the ability to write words that lift up the name of the Lord, and the voice that enables her to sing His praises. She writes some of the songs that this group sings and uses her talent to praise God.
Jojuana grew up a preacher's daughter singing in church too. She used her beautiful voice in the choir, and in several different singing groups. She also using her God given voice to sing His praises. Dickie is not only blessed with a beautiful voice, but with the ability to play the guitar and keyboard. He using what God has blessed him with to lift up the name of the Lord whenever the opportunity is given to him.
We have been blessed several times by The Messengers. They lift up their voices and sing praises to the Lord, and when they finish everyone has received a blessing.
Both myself and the members of McClelland Community church would recommend this dedicated group to anyone wishing to receive a blessing.
Chris Collins, Pastor
McClelland Community Church
Shelbyville, Texas

I recently had the priviledge of having The Messengers minister at Willow Grove Community Church, where I pastor. They were anointed and truly a blessing. I have known Dickie, Eldora and Jojuana for approximately twenty years. In that time they have been faithful in their christian service and their goal is to lift up the name of Jesus.
If you have the opportunity, they will bless you as they allow the love of Jesus to flow through them in song.
Yours in Christ,
Mike Rodgers, Pastor
Willow Grove Community Church
Joaquin, Texas

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