Eldora Gilchrist began singing in church, school and 4-H activities from a very young age. She sang in a youth quartet in high school, and has continued to sing Southern gospel music most of her life.
Eldora wrote her first gospel song, as the Lord gave it to her in 1978 entitled, THE RIGHT TO TRY AGAIN, which will be on their recording project. She has learned through the years, when the Lord uses you as an instrument, stop and listen and He'll do the rest. This applies to all parts of her life, as she is a former police officer. (Don't get her started - the tales she could tell !!) She also keeps the group organized.
Dickie Gilchrist "grew up on the pew" too, and has a natural gift from God for music. His father showed him a few chords, and at about 7 years old, he began playing guitar and singing in church. He plays lead and bass guitar, as welll as piano, and has used his talent for the Lord almost all his life. (We just can't understand why he can't do it all at one time !) After college, Dickie traveled with a well-known gospel group as lead guitarist and got his first experience in recording. he sings baritone/lead in a full, rich voice, or "whatever is left" after the ladies get a song like "they" want it ! Dickie also plays on some of the soundtracks we use in our ministry.
Dickie owns and operates a wood products company, here in our home town. Besides loving the Lord and gospel music, he has a thing for old cars !!
Jojuana Gilbert is a "preachers kid," her father is a Baptist Minister, so naturally, early in life she began studing piano and music and played and sang with her family in all types of church functions. She sang in her high school choir and has continued to sing in church choir and various quartets. Jojuana also enjoys working with the pre-school age choir. As time permits, she still loves to sing with her family.
Jojuana sings lead and tenor with an outstanding range and does a wonderful job on harmony as well. Jojuana is a beautician and has her own shop. (So naturally she "hears" all the news, long before the media does !)